VAT Calculator

Online VAT calculator allows you to add or remove value-added tax from any amount in UK.

What is VAT Calculator?

VAT Calculator is an online web application that allows you to include or exclude VAT rates from any amount. Just input the values inside the input box and get the Net, VAT, and Gross amount instantly. Also, our tool gives you access to change the VAT(%) rate.

VAT Calculator Online
What is VAT?

VAT stands for "Value-Added Tax". It is applied to most of the goods and services and charged by UK businesses. In short, it is one type of business transaction tax that all consumers need to pay.

Why Developed this calculator?

We have developed this VAT Calculator because of recent VAT rate changes. There are so many sites available on the internet. But they do not allow users to change the VAT(%) rate. Therefore, we created this online tool for all individuals and business users to get access to change the VAT rates. In our calculator, you can enter any value in the VAT field and calculate VAT as per your need.

Also, you may check out our GST Calculator to calculate the Goods and Service Tax online.

History of VAT

It was introduced in 1973 with the replacement of "Selective Employment Tax" and "Purchase Tax". The current VAT rate in UK is 20%. But it was 17.5% before the January 4th, 2011. In addition, the standard rate of VAT was 15% reduced on December 1st, 2010. But it was temporary reduction and it went back to 17.5% on January 20th, 2010.

How to Calculate VAT from a Total?

There are two possibilities to calculate VAT.

  1. VAT Inclusion
  2. VAT Exclusion

Let's understand both of these with examples.

1. VAT Inclusion

Here we will check for VAT inclusion or addition from the total price.

It's a very easy deal.

Simply multiply the initial amount by "1 + VAT (%)".

i.e. if VAT is 20% then multiply by "1.20".

Example: Add VAT in £95.00

Firstly, multiply £95.00 by 1.20.

£95 × 1.20 = £114.00

Now, subtract £95.00 from £114.00 to get how much VAT is added to the initial amount.

£114.00 - £95.00 = £19.00

As per buyer point of view:

£19.00 is the VAT amount that we need to pay if we purchase a £95.00 price product.

As per seller point of view:

We can say that £19.00 is the VAT amount that we need to add to sell a £95.00 price product.

2. VAT Exclusion

Now, we will check for the VAT exclusion.

It's a reverse process of VAT inclusion. In VAT addition, we are performing multiplication. But in exclusion, we need to perform division.

Let's take an example to understand it.

Example: Remove VAT from £105.00

Firstly, divide £105.00 by 1.20.

£105 ÷ 1.20 = £87.50

Now, subtract £87.50 from £105.00 to check how much VAT is removed from the initial price.

£105.00 - £87.50 = £17.50

Therefore, £17.50 is the VAT amount that we need to pay if we purchase a £105.00 price product.

So, you can use this simple multiplication and division technique and calculate the VAT manually. But you don't need to do it all the time. Because it becomes more complicated when we are dealing with big numbers. So, use our VAT Calculator to make it easier, faster, and accurate. Also, it will save human's time and effort.

Features of VAT Calculator

VAT(%) Change Access

Most importantly, users have access to change the VAT(%) rate. So, you can enter any rate in percentage that you want.


The design of our calculator is very simple and user-friendly. We give a lot of attention to the design portion. Because it is the only way that we can use to increase the user experience.

Quick Output

You will get final output in less than a second. No page loading issue. Therefore, users don't need to wait for the results. In addition, you can run it with a low internet speed too.

Accurate Results

This tool always gives you an accurate results. Because there is a pre-defined algorithm is coded behind the tool and it works very smoothly and accurately. There is a nearly 0% chance for the false output.

No login or Signup Required

You don't need to register or login to start using our tool. Just open it online and start using it.

Handy Tool

It's a handy calculator. So, you can use it on your mobile or tablet.

How to use VAT Calculator?

Our tool is very easy to use. Also, the user interface is very simple. So, anyone can go through the tool smoothly.

Before start the calculation process, you need to fulfill some pre-requirements. Without it, you can not go forward.

It's an online tool. So, you need a smart device that access the Internet. Then open any web browser like Chrome or Safari and open the UK VAT Calculator.

Now, follow the steps below to get started.

1. Enter Amount

When you open the tool, you can see some input fields at the top of the page. So, firstly, you need to enter the Initial amount in the first field. It can be VAT included or excluded.

Enter Amount
2. Enter VAT Rate(%)

Second field is for VAT Rate. By default, it is set to the standard rate of 20%. You can change it if you want.

Enter VAT Rate
3. Add or Include VAT

Now, if you want to find amount added with VAT then click on "Add VAT" button. As a result, you will get final price with 20% VAT included.

Add or Include VAT
4. Remove or Exclude VAT

Similarly, you can exclude VAT percentage amount by clicking "Remove VAT" button. As a result, you will get price with 20% VAT excluded.

Remove or Exclude VAT
5. Get Final Results

Finally, it gives Net Amount, VAT Amount, and Gross Amount as an output. So, you can easily figur out all type of charges.

Get Results

In short, you can use this calculator and figure out the Gross and VAT price that you need to pay to the dealers or business owners.


The current standard VAT rate in UK is 20%. Also, it keeps changing to balance the economy of the country. You can check the latest rate updates here:

In addition, the reduced VAT rate in UK is 5% and it is applied to some services and goods (i.e. children's car seats and home energy). Even more, most of the food and children's clothes have a 0% VAT rate and it's called Zaro Rate.

All countries have different VAT rates. Also, some countries are not using VAT. One of the biggest examples is the USA. US government is not using VAT. Here is the list of VAT rates of some nations.

NationVAT Rate(%)
New Zealand15%
South Africa15%
Saudi Arabia5%

Note: This rate is taken in January 2020. We recommend you to check the latest rate from a specific nation's official government website.

No, it's totally free for all online users. No calculation limits and no subscription.

Yes, you can change the vat rate. All users have access to change the VAT rate(%) as per their requirements.

Yes, you can add or include VAT rates to your actual price.

Yes, you can remove or exclude VAT rates from your actual price.

It will take less than a second to do the calculation.